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SureSeats Multi-Pass

  • What is the SureSeats Multi-Pass? The SureSeats M-Pass or Multi-Pass moves you one step closer to a complete online ticketing service by letting you complete an actual purchase of tickets via the Internet. M-Pass is a prepaid service that allows you to pay for movie tickets ahead of time, so the next time you use SureSeats, you can charge your tickets to your M-Pass credit or load.

  • What are the benefits of the SureSeats Multi-Pass? Aside from the waived PHP 25.00 reservation fee, with the SureSeats M-Pass or Multi-Pass there is no need to claim tickets 45 minutes before screening time because your tickets are already paid for. There is also no need to line up at the cinema ticket counter. All you need are your M-Pass Card and printout of confirmation code! After purchasing your tickets online, print your claim code, present printout to the porter together with your M-Pass card, and enter the theater!
    With your M-Pass card, you can now purchase your movie snacks online. This is in partnership with our partner snack stores at participating Ayala Malls Cinemas.


    Where do I purchase the load and how much am I allowed to buy? You may purchase load from the SureSeats Counter/Customer Service in any Ayala Malls Cinemas. The denominations are of Php200.00 only so you can purchase a minimum load of Php200.00.

    Other loading options are: G-Cash

  • Can I refund a load? No. Refunds on purchased load are not allowed.


    When can I purchase tickets? You may purchase tickets online once you have already loaded your account. You may purchase tickets online anytime, even a few minutes before the screening time.
  • When do I claim purchased tickets? There is no more requirement to pick up your ticket at least 45 minutes before showtime. Just go straight to the cinemas and present your M-Pass card and printout of confirmation code.

  • Can I cancel purchased tickets? Yes you may still cancel online-purchased tickets but you must do so at least ONE HOUR before screening time. The amount will be credited back to your account.

  • Can I refund online-purchased tickets? No. Refunds on online-purchased tickets are not allowed. However, you may still cancel online-purchased tickets ONE HOUR before the screening time and get your load back.

  • Will there still be a fee of Php25.00 per ticket purchased? Currently, the Php25.00 reservation fee is waived for online-purchased tickets.

  • Do you accept Season Passes, Complimentary Tickets, MTRCB? No, SureSeats does not honor any of these passes, may it be for M-Pass or Reservations.


    How do I claim and activate my M-Pass Card?  For SureSeats members who are first time M-Pass users, purchase a minimum load of PHP 200.00 and activate your M-Pass card at the SureSeats Counter.

    For non-members, log on to www.sureseats.com, register, then follow same steps above.
  • Can I replace my card if I lost it? 

    For replacement of faulty card, surrender the card at the SureSeats M-Pass Counters and apply for a card replacement.

    For replacement of lost card, go to the SureSeats Counter and submit the following: USERNAME, REGISTERED E-MAIL ADDRESS, and REGISTERED CELLPHONE NUMBER.

    Replacement of lost or damaged cards will be charged Php 100.00.

  • Does my M-Pass card have an expiration?  The M-Pass card is valid for as long as you use the system regularly. M-Pass accounts that are dormant for a period of at least one (1) year will be considered inactive, and will be de-activated. To re-activate, contact the SureSeats.com customer care Tel.No. 755-7955 or e-mail us at customerservice@sureseats.com

Member Registration

  • How do I get my activation code? Our SureSeats customer representative will send the activation code to your registered mobile number within 10 minutes after registration, from 9am-7pm (Mon-Sun). However, activation code will be sent the following morning for registration done while our customer representative is offline.

Online Reservation

  • I just browsed through www.SureSeats.com but I can't find the links / buttons to reserve tickets. Why is that?
    There are several reasons why you are not able to reserve seats:

    • The schedules have not yet been updated or are currently being uploaded. Simply keep checking back or refreshing the page.
    • The reservation system has been temporarily suspended due to maintenance.
    • All the seats are already taken and the system by default will disable the reservation functions.
  • Why is it that every time I try to reserve, all the seats seem to be already taken? There is only a certain percentage of the seats in each cinema/screening that is allocated for web and SMS reservations. Reservation is on a first-come, first-served basis so it is advisable to reserve early.

    M-Pass purchases are still accepted even if the reservation quota has been reached.

  • I can't reserve seats anymore. I was able to reserve before, however I haven't claimed any of my reservations. What happened? 

    Since you have made a reservation and did not claim it, your account has been LOCKED. Forfeiting or not claiming your reservation will automatically lock you out of SureSeats. This is the penalty for not claiming your tickets.

    To unlock your account:

    Go to the SureSeats Counter and pay the fine/re-activation fee equivalent to the reservation fee of the forfeited transaction.


    Purchase and load M-Pass credits (Php200.00 minimum), where the fine/re-activation fee will be deducted thereafter.

  • I can't seem to access the website during certain days at certain times, is there a problem with the site or is it my connection?
    Possible reasons why you cannot access the site:

    • SureSeats.com performs its weekly maintenance on Wednesday mornings from 9AM to 9:30AM and Saturdays at 12Midnight to 12:30AM.

    • The site is congested because of the heavy volume of users that are accessing the site.

      Please try accessing the site again at a different time cancel Reservation

Cancel Reservation

  • Can I cancel my reservations? Yes, you can. Log-in to SureSeats with your username and password. On the Member's Page, you can view the reservations you currently have. Each reservation has a CANCEL link which you may click to cancel any particular reservation. You are strongly urged to cancel reservations you do not intend to claim. No-shows for reservations that are not properly cancelled will be noted by the system. One (1) forfeiture will result in your being LOCKED-OUT from the reservation system.

  • If I reserved 5 seats (for example), can I cancel only 2 of them?  When you cancel reservation/s online, all seats are cancelled for that reservation. You may not cancel less than the actual number of seats you reserved. If you wish to purchase only 3 tickets, you may claim only 3 at the cinema but you have to pay for the reservation fee of the other 2 tickets you did not claim.

  • Is a cancelled reservation the same as a forfeited one? No, it is different. Canceling a reservation will not have any negative effect on your account since you allowed your seat/s to be available for others to reserve/purchase. Forfeiting a reservation on the other hand will be taken against your account since you did not claim nor cancel what was reserved under your name. One (1) forfeiture will lock your account, while cancellations, regardless of number, will not cause your account to be locked. That is why we encourage our users to cancel reservations if they will not be able to claim them.

Claiming Reserved Tickets

  • When should I claim my reserved tickets? We strongly advise that you claim your ticket as early as possible. Your reservation will expire and the tickets you reserved will be released for sale 45 minutes BEFORE the start of show. Ayala Theaters Management, Inc. reserves the right to increase or decrease the "holding" time of reserved tickets depending on current circumstances. Please take into account that you will not be the only SureSeats member in line to claim your reserved tickets. Keeping in mind the 45-minute lead time for claiming tickets, do factor-in the possibility of a short line of SureSeats members claiming their tickets at the counter.

  • I reserved online, but I lost my confirmation code. How can I retrieve it? After you log-in to SureSeats, you can view the reservations you currently have. Each reservation has a VIEW link which you may click to retrieve the Confirmation Code of any particular reservation.

  • I reserved 5 tickets (for example), but I only want to claim 3 of them. Is that possible? You may claim only 3 tickets but you will have to pay the Php25.00 reservation fee for the other 2 tickets you will not claim.

  • Can I claim my reserved tickets using any of the following passes: Season Passes, MTRCB, Complimentary Tickets?  No, SureSeats does not honor any of these passes, may it be for M-Pass or Reservations.

Movie Schedules

  • Why is it that sometimes the schedules online are either non-existent or different from those in the actual cinemas? Discrepancies in the screening times will occasionally occur due to the nature of movie operations (theater supply vs. viewer demand). It is the responsibility of Ayala Theaters Management, Inc. to update the schedules. Sometimes the schedules for the next day can only be finalized at the start of the day itself so the updated screening times will only be reflected online and via SMS AFTER the uploading of the new schedules.

  • Why is your site at times so slow? Is it down? (during BLOCKBUSTER movies)

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    The site is currently slow because of the heavy volume of users that are accessing the site and making reservations or purchase for a particular movie.

    Please bear with us during these times and try accessing the site again at a different time.

    For movie schedules, you may call Ayala Malls Cinemas Links 755-7955.
  • Why is there a 45-MINUTE POLICY for reservations?

    With reservations, we do not have a 100% hold on your purchase because they are not yet paid. You always have the option to claim or forfeit for several reasons. The cinemas may lose sales because of these unclaimed reservations that could've been sold to people who were lining up at the cinema instead. This is why the 45-minute policy was implemented. With this policy, the cinemas have a lead-time to sell unclaimed tickets to walk-in customers, who have to be given preference as well.

    We are providing the option for our users to pay for these tickets ahead of time online, so that there is no more 45-minute hassle, so there is no more forfeiture. This is the M-PASS we are introducing to our users. The pay is the same, the process of purchasing tickets online is the same, but it has more advantages. There is no more lead-time plus no more lining up at the SureSeats counter. You just have to show your M-PASS card at the cinema entrance. It's actually a ticketless movie experience.

Other Information

  • How do I update my EMAIL/ETC? You can update your account details online. Please log on to www.sureseats.com with your username and password. On the Community Page please click on the PROFILE link. You may update your account details from there.

  • How do I CANCEL my reservation/purchase? Please log on to SureSeats with your username and password. On the User’s Page, you can view the transactions you currently have under the Movie Ticket Transactions. Each transaction has a CANCEL link which you may click to cancel any particular reservation/purchase. You may cancel your reserved or purchased tickets only one hour before the screening.

  • How come the schedules are never available for other days? The Ayala Cinemas change their movie schedules everyday. The schedules for the following day are uploaded to their system and in the SureSeats website only the night before. The schedule for other days won't be available until then. Sometimes when the movie is a blockbuster, schedules are provided a week ahead. When this happens, we inform our members through email regarding the advance purchase or reservation of tickets.

  • How come I CAN'T CHOOSE SEATS when I reserve/purchase? Seat maps are available only for guaranteed seating cinemas. If no seat map is available, that screening is free-seating or is on a first come first serve basis only.


    To unlock your account:

    Go to the SureSeats Counter and pay the fine/re-activation fee equivalent to the reservation fee of the forfeited transaction.


    Purchase and load M-Pass credits (Php200.00 minimum), where the fine/re-activation fee will be deducted thereafter.
  • How can I check my M-PASS LOAD TRANSACTION HISTORY? Please log on to www.sureseats.com with your username and password. On the User’s Page please click on the MY M-PASS ACCOUNT link. This page lists your M-PASS LOAD transaction history.

  • Do you accept AYALA MALLS CINEMAS GIFT CARD (formerly Privilege Pass)? Yes, we accept only Privilege passes because it has a monetary value. You just have to pay the extra amount including the P25.00 reservation fee per ticket if its face value is less than the total cost.


    Sorry but we cannot extend the validity of your MPASS load. We have to strictly adhere to our policy and cannot approve every request we receive regarding an extension of a load.

    Just to inform you, the 6-month validity of your load will keep extending as long as there is an activity in your account. An activity can either be a 1) reload or a 2) purchase of a ticket using M-Pass. Doing any of these will reset your status of 'no activity' to zero months, therefore extending your 6 months validity.