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Genre: GENRE not yet available
Rating: R-13
Cast: Nora Aunor, Bembol Roco, Christopher De Leon
Running Time: 125 min.

World War II shatters the idyllic life of Rosario (Nora Aunor), a school teacher, and her boyfriend Crispin (Bembol Roco), a soldier called on duty to fight the invading Japanese army. Then Capt. Masugi (Christopher De Leon), a Philippine-born Japanese comes with a Filipino friend Dr. Francis to ask for directions, but, after getting drunk, Masugi rapes the spiteful Rosario. Being taken with Rosario, Masugi comes back and offers marriage after he learns she is pregnant with his child. But Rosario angrily spurns his courtship and gifts, but Masugi is persistent and Rosario eventually agrees to marry him. Then Crispin comes back after his escape and finds Rosario already married. The townspeople are now hostile to her and the guerrillas kill her parents presuming them to be collaborators. Finally after three agonizing years, the Americans return to liberate the country.

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