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Genre: GENRE not yet available
Rating: MTRCB rating not yet available
Cast: Patrick Garcia Edu Manzano Zsa Zsa Padilla Nida Blanca Cherry Pie Picache Eula Valdez
Running Time: 113 min.

: Amboy (Patrick Garcia) is the son of the sassy and free-spirited Tessie (Zsa Zsa Padilla) with an American soldier she once fell in love with during her days as a night club dancer. One day, Amboy's father disappears, leaving Tessie severely heartbroken. With no proper education, Tessie struggles to raise Amboy and has been jumping from one job to another. Conflict arises when Tessie’s new boyfriend, Dante (Edu Manzano), moves in and starts to dominate their lives. She becomes increasingly dependent on Dante who eventually starts to abuse them. Amboy comforts himself in the thought that one day his father will return to take them away from all their troubles but with Dante becoming increasingly violent, will Tessie and Amboy be able to free themselves from his clutches?

No available schedule.