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The SureSeats Multi-Pass or M-Pass moves you one step closer to a complete online ticketing service by letting you complete an actual purchase of movie tickets via the Internet.

M-Pass is a prepaid service that allows you to pay for your movie tickets ahead of time, so the next time you use SureSeats, you can charge your tickets to your M-Pass load.


Why get an M-Pass card?
Enjoy these fabulous perks when you become an M-Pass Cardholder:

Hassle-free purchase of movie tickets. No need to claim your movie tickets at the ticket booth... no more cut-off time to worry about... just go straight to the cinema!
Note: REFUNDABLE – should there be emergencies you can cancel transactions 1 hour before screening

VIP treatment from your favorite snack store. Purchase your movie snack online and get it at the store just in time for your screening!

Special treats for the movie fanatics. Have the chance to get invited to the special screenings of the blockbuster films, exclusive promos and other surprises!

Purchase your load at the SureSeats Ticket Counter. Choose your desired denomination for M-Pass (Php 200.00 minimum). Get your SureSeats receipt and the M-Pass Load Code from the attendant.

Login to with your username and password. Enter your purchased M-Pass Load Code in the “Reload Account” field. Click on GO. A confirmation message will appear if you have successfully keyed in your M-Pass load code.

Go to the schedule page and click on either the Movie or Cinema tab to purchase your movie tickets. Click on the details as needed.

Go directly to your cinema and present your M-Pass card to the cinema personnel.

The SureSeats M-Pass card is non-transferable.

SureSeats M-Pass Cardholders are subject to these Terms and Conditions and are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions upon activation of their M-Pass card.

How to claim and activate your M-Pass Card:
  • For SureSeats members who are first time M-Pass users, purchase load with a pre-activated M-Pass card at the SureSeats Counter (minimum of Php 200.00).
  • For non-members, log on to, register, then follow same steps above.
  • The M-Pass card is valid for as long as you use the system regularly.
  • Key in your M-Pass load within 90 days after purchase, otherwise load will expire.
  • If the code is already loaded, it will expire in 6 months if the account has no activity at all (movie ticket / snack / load purchase).
  • M-Pass accounts that are dormant for a period of at least one (1) year will be considered inactive, and will be de-activated. To re-activate, contact the Customer Care at telephone number 752-7883 or e-mail us at
Card Replacement:
  • For replacement of faulty card, surrender the card at the SureSeats M-Pass Counter and apply for a card replacement.
  • For replacement of lost card, go to the SureSeats Counter and submit the following: USERNAME, REGISTERED E-MAIL ADDRESS, and REGISTERED CELLPHONE NUMBER.
  • Replacement of lost or damaged cards will be charged Php 100.00.
Other Conditions:
  • Account in the program may be revoked at anytime, should abuse, failure to follow the terms and conditions, or any misinterpretation prejudicial to the system take place. Those whose accounts have been revoked are ineligible to rights and benefits of the system.
  • has the right to cancel, modify, or restrict the system at any time.
  •'s failure to enforce a particular term, condition or guideline does not constitute a continuing waiver of the term or condition.
  • In the event the system undergoes maintenance, members will be notified accordingly.